VI Конвент Российской Ассоциации Международных Исследований (РАМИ)




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Russia and the World after the Global Crisis: new challenges, new opportunities?

VI RISA CONVENTION MOSCOW, 24-25 September 2010

The global crisis caused a distress in global economic and political configurations. It also highlighted the strengthening of economic and political positions of Asia: the role of China and India, which asserted their positions as global leaders, has increased significantly. The USA, which is gradually recovering from the crisis, strives to sustain its dominance in global affairs.

Russia diligently follows these multifactor international processes. Russian administration actively suggests original methods for managing these processes. On the road to recovery from current complicated global situation Russia needs to strengthen its competitive positions on the global arena, overcome dependency of national economy from exporting raw materials, and target modernization and innovative development in order to assume world leadership in progressive technologies.

Recovery from the crisis commands a necessity to synchronize efforts of the global community. With unilateral nation-focused decisions, a complete recovery of global markets is impossible. Evidence suggests that contemporary market economy (the finance sector in particular) needs to outline general rules of conduct for periods of economic crises and recessions, as well as support of the state. These efforts will succeed only with wide international cooperation in the framework of the UN, the Group of 20, the G8, European integration structures, as well as in subregional organizations — the Eurasian Economic Community, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and etc.

The Convention will discuss the whole complex of contemporary political and economic problems and tasks, which should be addressed by the major global powers, including Russia. Possible ways of overcoming the crisis by collaborating internationally will be debated. Participants’ papers will be published in RISA Convention Proceedings.

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