VI Конвент Российской Ассоциации Международных Исследований (РАМИ)




«International Organization: tendencies of development and role in maintaining international security and stability»

Section Chair: Nikitin Aleksandr Ivanovich, Director, Center for Euroatlantic security, Institute for International Studies, MGIMO-University, professor, Department of political theory, PhD (Politics)

Section Co-Chair: Cherniavsky Stanislav Ivanovich, PhD (History), Director, Center of post-soviet studies, Institute for International Studies, MGIMO-University

This section welcomes discussion of major aspects of international and regional organizations (the UNO, OSCE, EU, NATO, EuroAsEs, SOC and etc) primarily focusing on their role, place and contribution to maintaining of international and regional security. The first meeting of this Section will be chaired by Nikitin A.I., and it will be dedicated to discussing the issues of the UNO, OSCE, EU and NATO; the second meeting will be chaied by Cherniavsky S.I., and this meeting will discuss issues, related to SOC, EuroAsEs and etc.

This section welcomes papers, discussing the following issues:

-Global and regional dimensions of international strategy of maintaining security and stability in the world: modalities of convergence and separation of responsibility

— Ways of further advancing and improving the effectiveness of interaction of governing bodies of the UNO and regional organizations in dealing with contemporary challenges and threats

— Possible approaches towards strengthening of the role of the UNO in prevention and managing conflicts, possibilities of reanimating the military function of the UNO in restoring and maintaining of international peace

— Variants of reforming the UNO in the context of maintaining and further strengthening of its peacekeeping function and ability to control political processes in the world

— Conditions and organizational pretexts for achieving compromises in forming the new architecture of European security with respect to Russian proposals

— The role of the OSCE in safeguarding security and stability in euro-atlantic and euro-asian areas; possible reforming of the organizational structure of the Organization in order to restore its functions and responsibility in military and political field

— Perspectives of development of relations between the EU and regions and states in the CIS: Russia, Central Asia, Caucasus

— Possible influence of the new strategic concept of NATO on the military and political situation in the euro-atlantic region, ways and methods of neutralizing of negative consequences of its implementation

— Perspectives of evolution of OTCS as military and political union with reference to existing geopolitical realities of the region

— Possibilities and limitation of expansion and enhancement of military component of OTCS, modalities of its implementation

-Problems of relations between OTCS and SOC, interlapping and separation of spheres of responsibility of their activities in issues of Eurasian security

— SOC as one of the elements of the forming architecture of security and cooperation in Asia-Pacific region

— Essence and possible ways of development of regional system of collective security in Eurasian region

-Ways and methods of regulating the activity of non-regional organization and states (NATO, EU, USA, Japan, Turkey, Iran and etc) in the Eurasian region in the interests of maintaining of unity and close cooperation of regional states

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