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World politics today: A View from Asia

Zabaikalski Krai, Chita

24 September 2010

Russia is currently pursuing an active foreign policy in Northeast Asia, an area considered vital for Russian national political, economic and strategic interests.

Russian-Sino strategic partnership and the development needs of the near-border territories underscore the significance of integration and regional cooperation processes in Asia Pacific Region, especially against the backdrop of the global financial crisis.

Russia traditionally holds good-neighborly partnership relations with Mongolia whose rich natural resources potential can be fully tapped in cooperation with Russia.

Japan is interested in cooperation and investment in Russia’s economy, specifically that of Siberia, Zabaikalie and Far East.

The scope of regional cooperation is being extended through promoting partnership with the Republic of Korea.

Northeast Asian countries economic achievements are creating conditions for moving toward higher development levels and new cooperation forms in the contemporary world, with an expressed focus on transborder joint efforts.

An important aspect of Russia’s foreign-policy strategy is building the country’s positive image abroad. Constituting the substance of «public diplomacy», this task in relation to Northeast Asian states is implemented through cultural exchange at government and grass-roots levels.

Goals and objectives of the conference: to analyze current approaches to the problems of multi-lateral cooperation in the Northeast Asian region:

1) Regional and global processes and their emphasis on international relations in Northeast Asia (Russia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, PRof China, Mongolia):

● impact of globalization on integration policies in Northeast Asian countries: concepts and approaches;

● issues of China’s outward integration and transborder cooperation;

● the dynamics of China’s inner regions development;

● Siberia, Far East, Zabaikalie and Northeast Asia in the context of the global crisis: innovative ideas and new approaches.

2) International relations in Northeast Asia in the format of public diplomacy:

● public diplomacy and new challenges in international relations;

● public diplomacy as a factor of multi-facet interaction in contemporary global processes;

● the role of educational exchange programs in positive image building and Northeast Asian countries’ participation;

● fostering Russia’s image through civic society institutes involvement in foreign policy processes;

● Siberia — Mongolia: to further mutual understanding.

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