VI Конвент Российской Ассоциации Международных Исследований (РАМИ)




Information for the Press

Russian Association for International Studies (RISA) has been established December 22, 1999.

The President of RISA is A.v. Torkunov, the Rector of MGIMO-University, Academic of Russian Academy of Sciences. Association is one of the active national associations for international relations studies within the International Studies Association (ISA).

The Association aims to maintain and develop the most excellent traditions in International Relations research and in teaching related disciplines. The objectives of RISA include maintaining and developing the high level of professional research and teaching International Relations and World Politics in Russia, development of professional contacts with International Associations, and bringing together International Relations and World Politics researchers and teachers.

Moreover, RISA widens the unofficial contact network between representatives of political and research elites and assists in providing consultancies in the sphere of World Politics and International Relations.

Today RISA unites 332 researchers in 36 cities of Russia and the CIS. The number of applications to join RISA is constantly increasing. RISA differs significantly from other professional communities: there are no membership fees, and the applications from researchers to join RISA are reviewed thoroughly basing on the academic merit of the candidates.

Since the establishment of RISA it has conducted and supported a series of international symposia, conferences, forums, scientific and educational seminars and round tables. 5 significant international Conventions were organized in cooperation with International Studies Association (ISA): these Conventions focused on problems of Russian foreign policy and issues of International Relations.

In particular, the previous V Convention took place September 26 — 27, 2008, in Moscow. The general topic of the Convention was «World Politics: Perspective from the Future». This Convention gathered almost 700 participants from 19 countries. This scale was beyond expectations of the Organizing Committee. This Convention became the major professional event in 2008 in the International Relations’ scholarly community of Russia and Eastern Europe. In 26 sections and several workshops participants discussed the most acute problems of world politics in the context of the general topic of the Convention. All previous Conventions’ papers were published and are available in both hard copy and electronic versions

The VI RISA Convention is scheduled to take place in MGIMO-University September 24–25 2010 года. The general topic of the Convention is «Russia and the World after the global crisis: new challenges, new opportunities». The programme of the Convention will be finalized after all submitted papers have been reviewed. This approach will allow to accommodate all requests of participants and to reflect the major tendencies, which are discussed today in the global academia.
Traditionally, the participation in Convention is free. The only condition for participation is submission of reports/thesis, which will be reviewed by the Programme Committee to finalize the list of participants of the Convention.

Applications for paper presentation at the Convention will be accepted until May 31, 2010.

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